Robots come to cities – Our publication presents the latest developments

Our project’s publication Robots for Cities provides examples, experiences and information on the use of mobile robots in maintenance and circular economy tasks.

Robotics can make many jobs easier in the near future but so far they been a rare sight in cities around people. Our project AutoMod – Autonomous and Modular Utility Vehicle concepts in CE, a joint project of Forum Virium Helsinki, the City of Espoo and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, examined whether this could change. Now, we have compiled our findings into a portfolio.

Over the course of 2022 and 2023, we explored urban robotics through pilots, demos, innovation competitions, development work and studies. This included pilots such as a robot carpool – a platform that can transport multiple robots with different tasks – as well as concepts and prototypes selected from our two innovation competitions. Pilots were conducted to explore how a robotic arm could help remove unwanted graffiti from walls or how a new type of interface could help streamline transport by combining a loading solution with different carriers such as a robot or a bicycle. 

The Robots for Cities publication brings together all of this work, as well as many examples of mobile robotics from cities around the world. 

Check the portfolio!