AutoMod – ‘Autonomous and Modular Utility Vehicle concepts in CE’ has ended. Big thank you for our stakeholders! 

Our publication The Robots for Cities now provides all the information and examples from our project! Check the portfolio!


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Our project's publication Robots for Cities provides examples, experiences and information on the use...
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The goal of the AutoMod project is to create a new kind of business ecosystem and platform in which utility robots can solve circular economy challenges in a smart city. In the future the AutoMod ecosystem can cover all of Finland and serve also other purposes than just circular economy ones.

From ideas to implementation

The project consortium is responsible for the development of the platform to host the new autonomous modules. An innovation challenge and co-creation workshops will be used to develop the robotic modules together with participating companies. 

The project consortium will offer testing facilities and advice in connecting the modules to the platform and ensure the overall functionality of the system.

Knowledge base

Previous experiments with robot buses, drone services, last mile logistics and circular economy digitalisation applications provide experience and knowledge to be utilised in the project 


The modules

The modules carried by the platform are 'service robotics'. They can be machinery for performing maintenance tasks , provide information and guidance to people, or function in promoting new kinds of recycling and re-use.

The module size and interface to the platform will be standardised to enable further development and scaling of production in the future. Each company can thus focus on the development of their own module. The same interface can then be offered for other interested companies.

In the first phase comanies can offer their ideas on a concept or model level. The most promising applications will be chosen for piloting and they will be prototyped in cooperation with the project participants.

In addition to developing the platform and modules the small-scale model of the project allows for testing the project idea and laying the basis for ecosystem creation. In the future the model can be extended to a larger scale and to new industries.


The project results in a more efficient services in circular economy and new business opportunities for companies.

Cities and their residents will benefit from the new services and increased business activity.

The circular economy sector can gain new actors in robotics and digitalisation with the ideas promoted by AutoMod.

Since the project focuses on the development of individual modules it is easy for new players to join with low effort. We will include companies and other stakeholders and their wild ideas with open minds.

The results of the project are mainly in the open domain so the partner company can get maximum benefit from them.

Additionally we will try to identify any bottlenecks affecting the adaptation of new circular economy robotics in cities and nationally. Sharing the results openly will help authorities understand how the regulatory environment could adapt to support the development of robotics.